What is the cost?

There is a participation fee of $1500.00 per school. Schools can receive a 20% early-bird discount if registering by December 31st the prior year, bringing the total to $1200.00 per school.

The fee can be managed by the school in a number of ways:

  • On-cost to parent/caregivers
  • Fundraising within the school network
  • Accessing arts funding

Another suggestion is to subsidise the cost to parents/caregivers by using the other two methods.

Other costs to consider

  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Travel to/from the event.

Costumes and props can be purchased, borrowed or made.

The travel cost to and from the event venue is at the school's expense. A bus is recommended for transport to the event; audience members (parents/guardians) take home the students. Independent arts groups may choose to individually drive their students to the event.

Budget guideline

The guideline of spending on your performance is to stay under $5,000. This is a guide to ensure schools have similar expediture. You are not required to spend the maximum amount!

Ticket cost for audience

Ticket prices are between $35-$45, depending on venue requirements.


All entries must consider the following guidelines;

  • There are no set flats allowed: all backdrop components are audio-visual.
  • Props are allowed; groups will be asked for sizing for side stage storage.
  • Length of the entry must be between 6:00 and 8:00 minutes.
  • Groups must have between 30 and 120 performers.
  • Ages of participants must be within the division bracket specified.
  • Schools will need to supply teachers and/or volunteers on a 1:10 student ratio.

(Some conditions may apply surrounding students with specific needs)

  • Vocal components are not compulsory.
  • All groups must operate with respect:

No expletives or profanities

No inappropriate clothing or movements

No insensitive messages or themes

  • Use safe dance and performance practices.
  • Communicate positively.
  • Only use supplied Schools Challenge forms and templates.

A more detailed list of the guidelines will be provided in the organiser's manual.


Schools Challenge is Australia newest performing arts event for schools.