About Schools Challenge

The Schools Challenge is Australia's newest performing arts event for schools to create and participate in. 

Schools develop and create a stage-ready item, incorporating dance, theatre and vocals, to tell a story.  Storytelling with powerful messages is an empowering way to inspire others.

The Schools Challenge is designed to support teachers and students throughout the journey with learning tools and opportunities aligning with our key values;





Divisions available
Secondary School – Year 7-12
Primary Schools – Year 3-7
Area/District Schools – Year 3-12
Independent Arts Schools (Dance/Drama/Vocal) – Ages 9 to 18

How Does Schools Challenge Work?

Step 1: Register your interest at www.schoolschallenge.com.au

We will contact you to deliver your organiser manual

Step 2: Complete an official registration form included in the manual by the due date specified.

Step 3: Student Selection

Select which classes or students you wish to have participate in the Schools Challenge. Consent forms are provided in the organiser's manual.

Step 4: Get to work!

Form a concept and story line for your performance piece. This may be something that your group feels passionately about, or it may be a humour piece!

Step 5: Rehearsals

Allocate some time in your weekly timetable to rehearse your piece.

SCA recommends a minimum of 10 weeks of 2-hour sessions. You may prefer to utilise a longer timeline, or multiple rehearsals in a week or split group rehearsals. This is entirely up to you!


Step 7: Audio-Visual Design

No sets are to be used as backdrops for your item. Instead, groups need to create an audio-visual backdrop to be projected onto the centre stage screen. Audio-visual components (designing a backdrop) can created by a teacher, student or group of students showing an interest in audio-visual work. SCA's technical team can schedule a visit to your site to work with the students and/or teacher if required: this is a great opportunity to work with an industry professional.

Step 8: Costuming and Props

Develop some ideas of costumes and props required for the students. You may have some costumes at your school already! Some schools may choose to organise a volunteer team to make and assist with costumes. You can also purchase, hire or make your costumes as needed.

Step 9: Travel and Final Details

Organise a bus to the event and transport options for after the event. SCA will provide each school with show running times and drop off/pick up information.

Core Values and Purpose


This means no sets are required, and gives students and/or teachers the opportunity to work with an industry professional to build the on-screen digital backdrop for your performance.


The Schools Challenge event and the program itself are designed to be non-competitive. Each entry will receive feedback and acknowledgement from our appraisers, who are performing arts industry professionals. Each school will receive an award best reflecting their entry!


Throughout the Schools Challenge journey, your school will receive ‘Challenge Packs’: an awesome box of goodies supplied for students to address certain challenges, which aligns with our values and those of our support partners. Leading youth health organisations have provided us with materials for this experience.


We pride ourselves on great organisation and support for the teachers who are coordinating their Schools Challenge event. The event manager and director of Schools Challenge will visit each school and your organising teacher to assist you in any way we can. The organisational side of the Schools Challenge program is designed to be as easy and enjoyable as possible for teachers!


Industry arts professionals are selected as appraisers for the event; they will give feedback and present recognition awards to schools at the event's conclusion.

As this is designed to be a non-competitive event, each school will be selected as the recipient of an award.

Some recognition awards are;

Team work

Storytelling and message

Journey learnings


Music and sound

Audio visual design

Drama and theatrics


Costuming and props


Schools Challenge is Australia newest performing arts event for schools.